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Health Tip: Symptoms That May Indicate Bipolar Disorder


(HealthDay News) - Bipolar disorder causes major mood swings, ranging from depression to manic (elevated) mood.

The Journal of the American Medical Association says the following symptoms may indicate bipolar disorder:

Manic phase:

  • Unusually elevated mood.
  • Anger or irritability.
  • Speaking and thinking quickly.
  • Rapidly jumping from topic to topic.
  • Engaging in high-risk behaviors and making poor choices.
  • Not feeling the need to sleep much.

Depressive phase:

  • Feeling very sad and down, without interest in things you once enjoyed.
  • Feeling anxious, guilty, hopeless or crying.
  • Abrupt changes in your weight.
  • Abusing drugs.
  • Having thoughts about suicide.

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Medicine News
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